Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow & (Steady)? - Part II

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was quite surprise when I read the newspaper this morning, when the CEO of CELCOM claimed on the bad reception of CELCOM coverage/network throughout the country yesterday.

hah! No wonder laa it's terribly hard to make phone calls / to send text messages / to send mms etc yesterday! (Another reason on why I was a bit pissed off yesterday!) Hehehe...
ARAB did tell me the same thing yesterday and now we got the answers..

Anyway, I went out with my younger brother after Friday prayer to do some last minute shopping. Managed to grab that NIKE bag (necessity) and a pair of comfy Hush Puppies slippers (impulse buying..maybe?) Pics will be made available later!

It's time to pack up. Looks like i'll bring back an extra bag full of foodstuff!


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