Saturday, September 19, 2009

Balik kampung...

Dear Beautiful readers,

At this point of writing, I am already in KB.
Yes, i m at my parents' place, right here in KB!

Arrived here this morning,coincidentally I took the same flight as AH (Hey buddy, u dah beefed up eh skrang? Happy kut with your other half...hehehe). So we managed to talk for a while at the airport..
The night before that, I went out with ARAB for sahur at nearby place. The sambal ikan bilis was superb indeed! I think next time i'll get that sambal and pre-packed (for home made nasi lemak at home, haha!) And later at 3.30 a.m., ARAB sent me to KL Sentral to catch the 4 a.m. (at that wee hours!) bus to LCCT. (Well....kang nanti tak sempat nak catch the earliest flight!)

Thanks so much my dear ARAB aka boss, i'll owe you one! (nanti balik KL I'll settle that...what do u want from KB?)

Ramainya umat manusia kat LCCT

As expected, there were so many people in the airport (both in LCCT and KB airport). Oghe kelate kalau raya memang laa meriah...nak kasi jam lagik jalan2 kat KB nih..hahaha.

I managed to do some groceries shopping in KB Mall (beli sayur kat KB Mall, what's the motive?) and spent the afternoon napping at home :-) (as a result, I lost the opportunity to go to Baram at Stadium KB for the pics snapping! Argghhh!)

"Ermm...i'm single, can i pay at this counter?" haha!!

Later at night, after settling all those things with my nieces and nephews, Wan M called me. We went out to the nearby kopitiam (with another friend of him, also working for the same company as Wan M and myself). Wan M brought the souvenir from London as promised and I passed him the stuff that he asked earlier (his friend passed it to me though to be delivered to him...)

3 layers iced-tea (nice indeed), the kerang was actually for Wan M and another friend, not me..

Thanks Wan M for the souvenir..

F aka Mr from My Eyes joined us later, followed by another 2 friends of him (aku tak kenal sgt, but the other party does look familiar).

Well, there's one more day to go. Ramadhan's leaving (it's kinda sad) and Syawal's approaching.

Harap2 next year dpt jumpa Ramadhan lagik...

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