Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow & (steady?)

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was a bit pissed off yesterday (not to a greater extent, but slightly pissed off).
One thing I realised about being in Kelantan for the past few days that everything was so slow!

a) Long queue at ATMs - It's either we have less ATMs here or too many people queueing (memang ramai org beratur nak ambik duit or people take too much time thinking on how much money they want to withdraw, which option(s) they want to choose etc! Argghhh!)

b) Cashiers -'s the same issue as queues at the ATMs. I don't want to say that the cashiers weren't not that effective (tak baik tau..). Something that we have to's either Kelantanese are very fond of buying too many stuff at the supermarkets, or well...the "production lines" aren't that efficient? (Kad Pacific ado abe?)

c) Traffic - Yes, it's festive season. The KL traffic has flooded into the KB town. Can u imagine that? If driving in kampung2, have always to bear in mind the motorists (those yang bawak motor cam bercinta - slow gila!!) and also those yang tak ingat dunia bawak motor (pelesits!)

d) Eating out - Kopitiam outlets at supermarkets ke..I think the service is the same! It takes so long for the waiter(s) to come and get the orders. Same thing happened last year too..
And i think some of you might agree with me too..

What else eh? Nanti laa nok pikir!


safina said...

kena banyak bersabar lah kan ?

DarcyDiaries said...

ya betul Fin...kena banyak sabar!