Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raya Eve - Sepetang di KB

Dear Beautiful readers,

I won't write much, just want to simplify my activities for the day:
1100 hour: Me and my two nieces went to KB Mall to buy some groceries and other stuff. Saw Wan M with a friend, probably doing some last minute shopping before raya.

Ramai org queue nak bayar..

Ni je aku beli actually..

1300 hour: Continued with the house chores and my nephew wanted to follow me back home. Haha...i knew that he will be bored soon, although he's actually occupied with my iPod Touch. Got a phone call from Fakh, asking me whether I can accompany him to buy the sampins at Bazar Buluh Kubu. I am fine with it, let's go.

1445 hour: Met Fakh at Bazar Buluh Kubu. I nearly bought another sampin, but thank God I didn't. Fakh bought two...

1530 hour: While waiting for the sampin to be sewn accordingly, me and Fakh went to the KBTC (the acronym for Kota Bharu Trade Centre, another new famous "landmark" for KB). Bought few stuffs, and then headed back to Bazar Buluh Kubu.

Bought a pair of flip flop (untuk "basahan" bak kata oghe kelate)

1700 hour: Yeah, we have done with Bazar's rendevous, now it's Asar time. First time ever, I went to Masjid Muhammadi, I have passed by the mosque before but never had a chance to pray there. It's soothing..Bought a pair of kain pelikat for Ayahanda.

1800 hour: F called, asking where were I at that point of time. He told me that he might be going to Perdana Resort PCB for iftar with family, so i told him probably he can book a place for me and Fakh for iftar.

1908 hour: My last day of iftar at Perdana Resort PCB. Managed to call ARAB before that. :-)

2030 hour: Reached home, and continued with the chores...
2200 hour: Beres!


safina said...

sy sangat suka kumpul kain batik dr kelantan..raya hari tu dapat sehelai kain batik cop (ke cap eh ?) comel (kalau tk silap)..memang comey..pendek kata comey mcm org yg pakai kain tu lah ! *tergelak*

DarcyDiaries said...

Safina: Fin, we called it batik cop. Senang buat basahan...