Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday treat for a Loner

Dear Beautiful readers,

I haven't got anything for my birthday. Yeah, i do have to pamper myself. While wait for others to do that for you, rite? You can do it on your own what? :-)

I am no one...unless I am a celebrity, lain laa kan?

I went to Melium Outlet in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras. This was my first time, but I have heard about this place before..but haven't got a chance to go there. I received an invitation to go there, why not? who knows that i can get a good bargain? Anyway, it's for me...

It's like a gudang, situated in a SME manufacturing area. Tak ramai sangat pagi I can browse with ease..

Feel like getting another pair of shoes, but time maybe. Nihlaa keje2 loner cam aku :-(

Anyway, managed to get a good pair of sandal from TOD'S (at good price, of course!) . Love it!

P/S: Aku rasa....semalam Lailatul Qadr'. Tapi being me, a humble and hamba Allah yang daif, sememangnya tak mengambil this peluang keemasan..Astaghfirullah Halazim.


shandye. said...

the sandals are fab. tapi ntah nape i tak suke pakai sandals on raya eve prayer.

pengalaman peribadi: beli sandal mahal 2 days before raya, and it was stolen during the raya eve prayer.


DarcyDiaries said...

I bought it not really for raya though, and definitely not for prayers.

P/S: Gi semayang pakai selipar jepun jah!

Pena Anak Penis said...

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