Saturday, September 5, 2009

MATTA & Vouchers

Dear Beautiful readers,

I have to redeem my vouchers latest by end of this Sunday or else it will be useless. So I have decided to check out good bargains for me and buy something for Abah.

Shoes for me :-) (Good bargain, seriously!)

Shirt for Abah

And later I took LRT to PWTC for Matta Fair. It's been quite a while that i haven't used LRT. And yes, of course, there were quite a number of people in both LRT and PWTC itself.

Masjid Jamek :-) (Lama dah tak gi..)

I wasn't looking for any particular travel bargain, just recce-ing tickets for sis as she's planning to go to Guanzhou this coming December. ER did ask me to check for ticket to Manila as well.

Hmm....the price of the ticket is the same if you buy online via those sites. So I told my bro in law to just check out the bargains via the website.

And all of a sudden, I met Lin, accidentally! We supposed to go for a treasure hunt today in Shah Alam (with the hubby of Lin as well, also a good friend of mine) but the organiser didn't allow us to join as Lin has won one of the treasure hunt organised by the same organiser?

Funny eh?

Lin: Beb, so sorry, the organisers called, said I can't join, since I won a hunt recently, this only for newbies.


And now, I am at home...what should i buy for berbuka today?


FRoS Salleh said...

brehi wei la dio soping.

DarcyDiaries said...

Just want to make myself happy...that's all. Takkan nak tgu org lain to make ur happy kan?