Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Issues

Dear Beautiful readers,
It was quite a disappointing night last night. Why?

a) It turned out that my car broke down, at it's parking space! I had that feeling earlier though as I left the car at home for almost one week without asking anyone in KL to look after it. (Nak suruh sapa?)
So pagi2 lagi aku dah "accidentally" woke up from my deep sleep and searching for that 24 hour service call centre.
Yes! It did work and around 0700 hour, the mechanic came and asked me to change the battery.
Sah2 battery kong! It's ok, better sorry now than later..
b) I am missing someone...
The pics below are not related to the issue as highlighted above.
a) Breakfast @ McD on Sunday as my car is OK already :-)
b) That comfy slippers that I bought in KB.
c),d), e), f) & g) Brunch at sis' place before leaving for KL - Ketupat Palas, Lontong (sambal ikan bilis, sedap!) and sphagetti
h) Waiting for flight at KB Airport
i) Arriving at LCCT