Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday in Kelate

Dear Beautiful readers,

At this point of writing, I just came back from a nite out with Mr "From My Eyes" and his friend.
but let me start with what were my activities since this morning:

a) Pagi: Went out to Bazaar Buluh Kubu with mum and bro to get the songkets for G (and probably for myself). Ended up buying the high quality ones at the first shop and managed to find the one design (which is far more cheaper) that I was looking for in the 2nd shop. Kalau G taknak, aku kasi kat Abah je..

It was quite hot and you-know-what in KB as the traffic was bad especially on Saturday. We also went to the kedai that made the "murtabak tebal" kat Jalan Merbau. Siap beli terus all the kuihs from the dapur of the seller! ;-)

b) Noon: What a boring afternoon! I was a bit inactive as compared to other days, so i ended up having a short nap. All of sudden mum came to me and woke me up accidentally saying that they were accidents in front of our house. Aku pun cuak jugak aa...paham2 laa I was all of a sudden being woke up and sah2 laa aku mamai. Ye laa..kut2 sapa yang aku kenal accident ke apa kan? Nauzubillah himinzalik...

c) Bukak Puasa time: As I told mum that I feel like eating laksam (cravings? mengidam? ntah laa), instead of me going to Bazaar Ramadhan, mum personally prepared the laksam for me and abah. Mak aku memang pandai masak, so it shouldn't be a problem for her. Cuma dlm usia2 sebegini, she couldn't really cook, unless she wants too. Aku pun tak paksa, but mum is always a mum, so dia akan buat apa saja untuk anak dia.. (actually ada gambar laksam, tapi aku lupa nak bawak cable for the camera, nantila aku balik KL aku upload, neh!)

d) Night: Plan to meet Mr "From My Eyes". Ye laa..bila lagi kan? (Abah aku pelik sebab apa aku takgi terawih tonite...hehehe) We met at nearby kopitiam for a chat and later we drove to another part of the town to have 'colek' with another friend of him who also works in KL. Hmm...makan hati betul. Kenapa laa diaorg nih cantik2 / gorgeous? And I am not? Pelik bin ajaib. No wonder laa they are all laris like goreng pisang (my assumptions)...

I had a good time, and hope to meet them again.

Esok sehari lagi bukak puasa ngan family. I am sure i'll miss it when I go back to KL.

And yes, i'll be missing everyone here! Yes...i said E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E


Pena Anak Penis said...

nanti lepak dengan i pulak kat KB ye..

DarcyDiaries said...

boleh laa, no hal :-)