Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

So amacam 1st day ramadhan? OK? Alhamdulillah, mine was OK. I think I managed it well today, and hope that another 29 days will be OK as today :-)

Went to the office for a while in the morning to pack up some stuff and transferred to another cubicle. And it went pretty smoothly (gaji pun dah masuk! :-))

And right after that I went to Pavi, feel like checking out few stuff. And yes, I feel like getting those 1969 GAP Jeans..voila!

P/S: Ramadhan is everything..I have to take this full opportunity!


Pena Anak Penis said...

I pegi Pavi semalam.. Tau U nak pergi Hari ni boleh pergi sama:-(

DarcyDiaries said...

Hi Pena..
I kebetulan je ke Pavi right after balik office :-)

Banyak masa lagik boleh pegi...shopping2 :-)