Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cari, Cari, Cari!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's Sunday again and I have a problem of "planning what to do today". Since I have spent time looking yesterday for "the shoes" that recommended by Z a few days and managed to find out that it won't be sold in KL but any other states, I ended up went back home empty handed.

It's another blessing though, at least I can save my money (which I should!)

My shrink sms-ed me a few days back, asking when can we have another session. Yeah, I should have planned another session with him and did mention to him that I might be planning to see him tomorrow after work (if things go well at work hopefully)


Another story..

As planned, I met Nat (my ex-boss, but not direct report) for lunch at Dome. I was very pleased to see her as at least I can share my current problems / issues with her and she did share some of hers with me.
I have already known her answer, and I did agree with her. It's fact of life, and being in that dept, i am totally totally have to face all these challenges..

I don't know, but sometimes it's very difficult to please people. It's a race against time nowadays, bukan mcm dulu lagi dah...

I don't deny that i can get very lonely sometimes, it's sad...(yes i know) and it also seems that I couldn't really please myself by doing other things...

I keep cari and cari and cari and ended up being so helpless..

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