Sunday, August 2, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Kadang2 tuh, if you really want "a thing" (tak kisah laa apa2 pun), but u didn't get it that easily, there's always a blessing in disguise or hikmah.

That's what happened to me this afternoon when I really want to a "Blackberry" for myself. Went to Maxis KLCC but I kept thinking that I am not gonna change to a Maxis number, or any new number. Just want to maintain the number that I am using currently.

And yes, let's blame the PC Fair, KLCC was damn packed with sea of peole.

Anyway, I bought a book from Kino - New Malaysian Essay 2 (bunch of good Malaysian writers, i like!, especially Amir Muhammad)

I went to Avenue K Food Court for lunch, the Indonesian lady who manned one of the stalls siap tanya aku:

"Baru kluar jalan2 ya? Hmmm tidak kluar dengan pacar?"
What a question! Hahaha...tak nampak ke aku nih sorang? Kalau aku berdua pun, mcm ler the other party tuh pacar aku! Aku tiada pacaran dengan siapa2 pun...:-(

And well...cut it short, aku still tak puas hati pasal tak dapat Blackberry. Then I shot to Pavi, kut2 bleh grab any good deals kat Blue Cube. (Teruk kan..semalam dah gi Pavi and today pun gi lagi...takpe laa, aku tak susahkan sapa2 pun). But again, kat Blue Cube pun, kena ambik package, leceh...and aku malas nak ke Low Yat to get the Blackberry.
That's what I called hikmah..Hikmah that I won't spend my money as and when I need, without thinking the amount that I might spend :-)

Untuk sedapkan hati aku, aku pi Zara beli tie and singgah The Loaf beli cup cheese cake.

And headed home...lalalalalalallalaalalallalala


Pena Anak Penis said...

hehehe,, love the ending-lalalala.. such a happy kid! baru dapat cupcakes la katakan..

DarcyDiaries said...

ala...cupcakes je..not a "sweetie pie"!

Reez said...

Teruknyer nafsu shopping... dah la baru beli lenovo, eik...ada nafsu nak beli Blackberry plak.. bawa ngucap sikit.. Baik belanja saya yang miskin ni pergi bali.. Dapat gak pahalanya... he he he (muka tak malu)

DarcyDiaries said...


Reez: Jom laa gi Bali! awok nok gi kan? Let me know

ahmad said...

nak gi bali gak!!