Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am here!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Abah and the "batallions" (i.e. bala tentera) datang ambik aku kat airport in the afternoon. Yes, i was kind of happy to see them again (lama sangat ke aku tak balik? last time i think it was some time around May)

And of course, it's time for the "Cadbury" moments (i.e. sharings and givings lah!) and I got my "new toy" aka Blackberry. Shall i give it a name...say "blackie" or something? hehehe..

But i m still not familiar with the gadget, biasa laa..benda baru kan? I couldn't really load the pics that i have snapped yet as I am using different laptop.

Well..I will be here until Monday morning. Banyak benda boleh buat kat kg nih! :-)


safina said...

yeyeye ! dah sampai kg ehehs ! enjoy urself ya !

DarcyDiaries said...

thanks a lot...:-)