Sunday, August 16, 2009

"If you're in my shoes.."

Dear Beautiful readers,

"if u r in my shoes, then u'll know,
how bad it does feel when sometimes u feel neglected,
when sometimes u feel that u r not being appreciated,
when all the things that u've done are not good enough..

if u r in my shoes, then u'll know,
how bad it feels when u're being judged, without u knowing what exactly is your fault,
with you not having the opportunity to feel wanted like other people,
Not being able to explain properly,
I don't else can I explain.


Only God Knows..and of course, me."


safina said...

Sabar saja la..doa..tawakal dan redha..serta redah saja..

safina said...

semalam ada terbaca satu hadis yg menyebut...musibah yg Allah turunkan tu sebagai satu kifarah (pengampunan) dosa2 kecil kepada hambaNya..berSABAR lah ya..semua hamba Allah ada musibah2 yg ditimpakan ke atasnya..cuma berbeza bentuk dan cara..

DarcyDiaries said...


Thanks a lot for your comments :-)