Monday, August 31, 2009

Le Bateleur, L'Imperatrice, L'Amoureux, La Roue De La Fortune, La Lune?

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was looking for this particular set of perfumes by D&G since few weeks back. The sets will actually be launched in Malaysia this coming Thursday (according to the friendly salesgirl..hehe). I managed to get first grab of them and extra goodies (kena terror mengayat salesgirl..hahah)
I bought 3 of them - Le Bateleur, L'Amoureux, La Lune
And few goodies, best! What a therapy!

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FRoS Salleh said...

My all time fav parfume:
01. Fahrenheit
02. Burberry Weekend
03. Intuition

tp lonih tak maing dh parfume mahal2 ni. layan one drop pade bah jah x spo demo beli parfume di pavillion =(

DarcyDiaries said...


Takdok laa...once a while. Saya memang dah lama carik D&G nih :-)

payedd said...

hehe..try hilfiger
best jek bau dia