Saturday, May 16, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Mind the title? Hahah...waiting.
Some people like to wait. Some people don't mind waiting.
Some people really hate waiting.

Errm..two things happened to me this morning that related to this title.

a) I have to wait for about 30 mins for my roti telur during breakfast while other customers (who came later than me) got theirs first!

b) I was waiting for an extra 1 hour for my car to be completely serviced! It was supposed to be completed at 3 but ended up at 4pm.
Layan lagu while waiting for the car...

Nasib baik buku pun ada...(i like!)

Anyway, there only one thing that we can learn from here, and yes it's a fact of life. Be Patient..and there are always blessings behind all these (ada hikmah disebaliknya..)

Thank God I managed to spend my time wise enough at the service centre. Got wifi maaa!!

Later that evening, I went out with Z and met him in KLCC. Another shopping spree? Hahaha...Ferragamo is currently having it's mid season SALE!!!

But thank God I wasn't lured to buy anything there!


Ended up buying a stainless steel, sapphire glass watch (really good bargain, 50% at ISETAN) and good brand too! And bought a top from TOPMAN..

Hehehe :-)

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