Monday, May 11, 2009

Bangkok - 1st Day

Dear Beautiful readers,

Day 1 - Thursday, 7th May 2009

I was nearly "kantoi-ed" at the immigration. Blame it to the toiletteries.

Ended up my beloved shower gel (dah nak abis, tapi aku rasa the custom officer purposely ambik --> ended up she'll use it i think, although it's for MEN, but because of the brand, anything will do!).

Me, Kam and KZ (Kam's friend) had late lunch at the kopitiam. The waitress was a bit slow, and Kam ended up to be a bit pissed off with her. Anyway...i wasn't there to make any scene, just want to get over with it.

We reached BKK around 8 p.m. Suvarnabhumi airport is huge, and i guess the distance is about the same as KLIA to the inner city of KL.

Our hotel is located just in front of BTS (Bangkok Train Station) Chong Nonsi. ER dah bagitau aku that it'll be easier for me as the station is so near (senang nak gerak ke mana2..)

But I can see that the area was a bit quiet and I don't know why. It's just in front of the main road, but it's bloody quiet at that time! Probably Bangkok people just stay inside and didn't really go out.

Right after checked-in, we went out for supper. My God..i couldn't imagine that we just walked and walked and walked, passing through the alleys etc (with the stray dogs "playing around" here and there!). We ended up having dinner at Indian restaurant (it's suck, but we had no choice at that time!)

Left for the room almost 2ish. We'll be having another fun day tomorrow i.e. SHOPPING! ;-)

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