Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Beautiful readers,

Today I guess things went smoothly. Went to the office at noon to settle something, and yes, I managed to clear a few tasks (together with kemas2). Hopefully, esok tak kalut sangat...biasalaa Monday kan?

Red Ferrari beside my car at the traffic light...Hmm I wonder!

Errmm...later at 4 pm, right after late lunch (i was so damn hungry), I left for Pavi and met ER there.Z supposed to join but probably he got something else (as he mentioned to me earlier yesterday.And I guess what? Another splurge! But it's worth it after 30% discount ;-)

J.Co Donuts for tomorrow makan2 kat office..Yang sebelah tuh apa eh? :-) Jeng jeng jeng!

It's worth it...and I know I deserved this! :-)

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