Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eye Candy

Dear Beautiful readers,

Today aku tak masuk office lagi, I have to assist my colleague as a co-trainer for the development course organised by our fraternity.

And then...guess what? There was this eye candy, so sweet and this particular person sempat pour some chinese tea in my cup (three times ok!!) The smile? oh...god knows how sweet the smile is!

This person even asked me where do i stay, how old I am, and coincidentally, another colleague asking about MARRIAGE. Errrm..and that's why the question of age popped up and yes, this person asked me for my age.

I couldn't stop looking at this person. So bad of me.
And at the end of the end day, the person sempat tahan lift for me to go down and managed to say "see you on Friday!"

Yeah...i have to go there again for another training this Friday.

P/S: I am still living in my fantasy...:-(

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