Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aku setia, tapi...

Dear Beautiful readers,

Korang ada tak rasa sometimes that u haven't done enough to satisfy other people? It's eh?
It's like this..

a) u think u have done much at work, but ur boss still couldn't see that you have already "sweat" urself to the max and being so loyal..There is so much favouritism only those who can really "speak" (sometimes with no substance at all) can "excel"...

b) kes bertepuk sebelah tangan. In a potential relationship, it's only you that have done your part but the other party seems doesn't really care..

c) You have done much in strengthening friendship/relationship, but it seems doesn't work.

It's pretty disappointing, but I really have to go with the flow. Probably it's still not sufficient enough.

Life must goes on.

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