Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Too Much?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Back to work.

A bit lazy though. But i know...i have to be there. There are too many things to be settled and i hate to postpone things from one time to the other.

A bit pening today. Probably the weekends were too long (let's blame the long weekends then!) Hehehe..
And i feel a bit "stupid" today for not being able to deliver what I was expecting earlier at work.

Too much eh?

Z called me at 6ish, asking whether I have bought the ticket to Bali. Yes...we're going for a holiday again. ER yang ajak earlier. there'll be for of us and InsyaAllah, takde aral we'll be going there in D.E.C.E.M.B.E.R!

P/S: And yes...i bought the ticket!

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