Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bangkok 4th Day - Cili Padi & Gigi?

Dear Beautiful readers,
It's Sunday morning, so we ended up having Sunday brunch at one of the Malay restaurants, CILIPADI in Silom Road. It's the typical Malay restaurant which based in overseas, mcm sepesen je semua all over the world. The deco etc.
I had the nasi goreng ayam and iced milo, and of course, in the restaurant itself..tak sah kalau takde gambar2 ministers / celebrities who had paid their visit to the place ;-)

Probably they want to show the Malaysian authencity. Maybe?
Right after the makan session, we went to the tailor to collect the suits and shirts. We ended up taking cab to go back to the hotel (Thai cabs are so colourful - the Kedah's colour i.e. Hijau Kuning, the pink ones, the tangy orange, the blue ones...and guess what, it's TOYOTA!!)
In late afternoon, i went out alone as I have made an appointment with a dentist in Sala Daeng. It's all for the "benefits of the teeth"..but guess what, I ended up of not doing it, afraid of the complication :-(
Since the appointment has been shorten, instead I went to Siam Paragon and MBK for another last minute shopping :-)

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