Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Dear Beautiful Readers,

I went back home early today eventhough it rained along the way. Attended training instead of being at the office (that's why I managed to reach home early...heheh).

Because of that, now it's time to masak. I mean...I did have ample time to cook I guess. "Met" Fakh online @ YM.

The conversation went on:

Me: Hey there, still at work?
Fakh: Yeah..
Me: Me at home..
Fakh: Buat apa? (What are you doing?)
Me: the same time masak..(cooking..)
Fakh: Masak? (Cooking?) What's the menu?
Me: Ayam Goreng & Sambal Tumis Udang. (Fried Chicken and Chilli Prawns).Saja nak abiskan udang...lama2 nanti tak fresh. (time to cook all the prawns or else it will get rotten)
Fakh: Nyum2...nak dtg makan boleh? (Delicious...can I come to eat?)
Me: Datang laa...(Sure)

So Fakh came to my house for dinner. Pity the nasik tak cukup because the sambal was so nice (complimenting myself, chewahh...who else kan?)

Then we watched the DVD "Slumdog Millionaire" that I bought last nite when I was with Far at Secret Recipe.

I would like to recommend the movie to all of you. It's well written, good storyline as well. But it shows (and probably) portrays the real life of rags and riches of India.

P/S: Moral of the story: Be thankful in our life...heheh.
By the way, Happy Birthday to AH aka tokey KFH. Semoga Panjang Umur & Murah Rezeki

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