Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Nite Out

Dear Beautiful readers,

Got sms from Fakh in the evening, something like this:

"Kawe nok gi umoh demo male nih...buleh ko? The other half takdok, kena keje.. " (I am planning to come to your house tonite, can I? My other half have to work,unfortunately..)"

And my reply was something like this:

"Ok know me laa kan.I'll be at home tonite. What do you feel like eating?

Fakh's sms: "No need to prepare apa2.."

Me: Ok then...

But just now, I went out with Naj. Naj called me, and we went out for coffee @ Coffee Beans. I think me and Naj might have a number of mutual friends kut. I don't know...have to check further with him.

A nice person though..

Right after meeting Naj, Fakh arrived at my home.

Anyway, at this point of time, Fakh and a friend of him (another fellow countryman, just a mere coincidence!) are watching TV / reading mags at my house. We probably might go out for midnight movie later. Not sure yet..

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