Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY @ Pavi

Dear Beautiful readers,

I was thinking of spending my CNY morning at work (sad huh?) but then I thought of cooking something and chillin' at home.

ER text-ed me and asking what I was doing. And later we had decided to meet up for coffee @ Pavi.

Surprise2, I thought that they were not many people but instead, there were quite a number of shoppers, even those Chinese wearing their baju rayas etc.

Bought few stuff, until I realized something when I was in the fitting room...I got a text message from my colleague A-Sh.

Stuff from GAP & Padini

Books from Times

A-Sh: Weh...Ma'am (our boss) suruh pi office, bukan shopping kat Pavillion! :-)

And I was kinda's creepy though..(not that creepy creepy).It's like someone stalking me! ;-)
Me: Esok aku gi office. Gila stalker beb!

It's quite funny though...and the fact that I was walking with ER. You know laa kan...nanti ada gossip plak susah!

And I also met my ex-colleague, ARN. Used to have a crush on ARN, but when I met him in that shop, ARN was waiting for the other half. (I don't know that ARN has the other half!).

We went for our coffee at Michaelangelo's. Don't really feel like eating though.

And there goes my 1st day of CNY. One more day to go before it ends. ARghhhh!!!

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