Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday's retail therapy!

Dear Beautiful readers,

Another proactive Saturday (as compared to last Saturday!).

Went out for shopping at KLCC this morning. Bought few things that I have been looking for before, such as a leather attache at 50% discount!

While walking to my car at the car park, I saw this MyVi. Iwas looking at that car too as the registration number hailed from my "home country" i.e. he might be my fellow country man! Driving along looking for a parking space.

Not too forget, a nice driver too! (berangan!)

And again..while walking, the driver rolled down the window.

The driver: Nak keluar ke? (Smiling at the same time...nice!)

Me: Haah. Sekejap eh? (Smiling too..)

There's the driver. Waiting for me to start and "get away" with my car. I wish I can raise my hand, waving to the driver..


P/S: Nevermind, at least...I did someone else a favour, literally... ;-)

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