Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Mood

Dear Beautiful readers,

As time goes by, now i realised that my responsibilities are getting bigger.

At the same time, I have to improve myself as well and try to equip with the latest knowledge and information.

Ermm...those are the challenges that I am facing now. I feel like I am being "watched".

My a good friend / collague of mine did tell me that at my position now, of course.."you are being 'watched'"

I was motivated as well this afternoon as one of the Senior Managers told me that initially she wanted to take me to work for her (which i didn't really expect that to come out from her mouth!). The conversation was something like this:

Z: So how's working in KL then? You like it?

Me: far so good. Something different. I am fine with it.

Z: Oh..that's good. I was thinking of taking you as well to work in my department, but then it was too late. Somebody has already grabbed you.

Heheh...there goes. Laku jugak aku rupanya (Angkat bakul sendiri...)

In my Company, the career progression is being chartered properly. And I guess, I am lucky (so far). Lots of blessing in disguise.

Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Later that evening, Gen called me. It's 6.30 p.m.:

Gen: Hey, are u still at work?

Me: Yeah...I am still at work. Packing up..sort of!

Gen: Care to meet up? Drinks?

Me: Sounds good to me. Where?

Gen: I don't mind..Ermm, shall we to xxx?

Me: Oh...sure. See ya then!

We met up at xxx. Managed to catch up on each other latest updates.
Saw Sherry from far at xxx. But couldn't be bothered to go to her table. We met each other everyday at the office pun anyway...

P/S: Esok nak buat apa eh?


addyaholix said...

"you are being 'watched'"


DarcyDiaries said...


Mana ada..

kalau hebat pun...tapi...