Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Blues

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's 5th January 2009.'s the first day of school of Year 2009. As expected, there were so many cars on the road (at the time when I left home for work).

And again, it's different at work. There were not many people.

Yeah, most of my colleagues were on leave too..(sending kids to school I guess?)

Had late lunch around 3ish as I was having discussion with my boss during lunch..No wonder I felt hungry like hell.

Boring eh?

E told me about the new Gucci Pour Homme. Terus I headed to Isetan to get one.


The item was out of stock.

So I left for Parkson.

Hehehe...managed to get that 50ml bottle, with "all over body shampoo"


addyaholix said...

shoping lagi?

DarcyDiaries said...


Just to make myself happy ;)

Arab Aquarius said...

I make myself happy by eating, maybe I should just shop instead or I will never lose weight, lol.