Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drinks with M

Dear Beautiful Readers,

It's the 2nd day of the long hols. So far so good, and hoping that it won't go that quick (who am i to stop the clock then?)

Went to IKEA early in the morning (i guess it's quite early at 9 a.m on Sunday morning!). Bought some stuff and had McD for lunch (even though I tried to boycott McD but finally I couldn't resist it! Teruk kan?)

Naj came to my place around 3 ish. He's bored at home I guess. Nevermind, at least I have a company at home.

Around 7.50 p.m, got a text message. Beep! It's from M after a long bloody silence!

M: Happy Holiday!
Me: Same goes to u. Me in KL
M: Care to join me for a drink kat Restorang Rashid Mamak in Ampang?
Me: Sure, give me 5-10 mins

Met M. Yes, he's sexy as before (in my eyes...). At his age, he has that sexual appeal. The rough, Lynette's husband look-a-like.

Catching up with M. Me. Him.Me.Him...well..and life goes on.

He left and I managed to buy some DVDs from the street seller. Another days with DVDs I guess.

1) Budak Kelantan
2) Yes Man
3) Seven Pounds

Now at home. Killing time. Another moment with DVDs. Hahaha!!

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