Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kelas Ngaji..

Dear Beautiful readers,

Every day, we will always use the "same route" to work..and I know the car!
Well...I wasn't stalking, it's just a coincidence..

Anyway, it's just a dream, I am only fantasising...and definitely it won't happen!

Back to work. I am getting busier and busier, and I's the time for me to show that I am willing to contribute and give my fullest contribution to the Company and team, as a whole, InsyaAllah.

Left office around 6.30. A called. Dia nak belajar ngaji ngan aku..
Before this, he already told me his beautiful intention. I was quite touched that he asked me.

A: Hey...where are u?

Me: I'll call you back. Tgh bayar..(i was at the cashier, paying for something..)

5 mins later..

Me: Hey, what's up?

A: Pasal kelas ngaji tuh...bila ko free? (About the reciting Quran class, when are you free?)

Me: I don't mind..when r u ok with that?

A: Selalu ko tido kul berapa? Ok ke time weekdays nights? (What time normally you go to bed? R u OK with weekdays nights?)

Me: Weekdays OK, tapi sometimes I am not so sure on the timing. Kadang2 balik awal (Sometimes, I leave for home earlier than usual), sometimes a bit later than usual. I don't mind though. Midnight masuk bilik laa.. What about weekends?

A: Weekends aku takut aku lagha (Fret that i'll not be able to concentrate during weekends)

Me: Heheh...i tell you what, whenever you are free, let me know k? Don't forgot your songkok...and pakai kain pelikat tuh! (Don't forget your sarong!)

A: Aku takde songkok, pakai kopiah boleh? (I don't have a songkok, you don't mind kopiah rite?)

Me: *Smiling*

Then I left home, smiling..

P/S: I have to assist him


Anonymous said...

who is him?

DarcyDiaries said...

Him? Just a friend, who needs my help..