Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boycott American Goods!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's 1.30 a.m, and I still couldn't sleep. Flipping thru' the TV channels and all of a sudden...

Jeng jeng jeng..

....I switched on to TV9. I rarely watch the programmes shown in this particular channel, but something turned me on tonite..

It's the re-run of Nasi Lemak Kopi O, a morning talk-show hosted by Aziz Desa. The guest was YB Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. They were talking about the Gaza issue and it was quite interesting..

There's one caller, giving one bloody good, brilliant opinion as follows:

"Kalau tuan2 minum air, ingatlah darah anak2 Palestin,
Kalau tuan2 makan daging, ingatlah daging anak2 and penduduk Palestin,
Kalau tuan2 pakai pakaian dari Amerika, ingatlah kain2 kapan yang digunakan untuk membungkus mayat2 penduduk Palestin"
If I can translate, it might sound like this:

"If you are drinking those "drinks/beverages", think about the blood of the Palestinians,
If you are eating those "meats", think about those bodies of the Palestinians,
If you are wearing those "American apparels", think about those cloths used to cover up the dead bodies of the Palestinians"

Such a beautiful, well arranged, cynical statements from this caller. D'accord!

I was quite touched actually. And that's why I switched on my laptop (which already been switched off earlier) and continued blogging (can't wait for tomorrow to jot down this particular information!)

P/S: Try to contribute, do your best to assist those Palestinians, InsyaAllah! Sometimes, I am just an ignorant person, so pardon me for being that. I am just a human being who need to be led to the right path..

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