Sunday, January 24, 2010

Running around on Sunday!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been a while..and I don't know why, probably i am too "busy" with my daily schedule or probably I've got nothing to talk about here. Kalau ada pun, probably the same old, same old..

But anyway, I guess my weekends run quite smoothly..

0900 hours: Breakfast at McD (lama dah tak gi McD for breakfast)

1000 - 1400 hours: Chillin' at home. Reading. TV. P/S: Saw this watch in the mag. Love it..
But the price tag...errm, go figure! (Nantilah, tunggu ada rezeki lebih skit...hehe). And i'm loving that Freakonomics book!

1400 - 1630 hours: Gym. Love it and worth the sweat today!
1630 hours - 1830 hours: Went to Fakh's house, tumpang solat Asar. Went for early dinner with him.

1900 - 2015 hours: Gym again. The PT wanted to finalise the session with me (it's free anyway, so i just accepted it!). Tetiba aku rasa pancit beb! Too much strenuous activities today I guess!

2030 hours: At home. Resting again...alone

P/S: That's all folks. Can't wait for the coming long weekends

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