Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Beginning

Dear Beautiful readers,

Ermm...tomorrow will be the first day at work for the year 2010.

A mixed feeling.

But let it be. I know this will be a marvellous year, yes! (think positive..)

Sunday was another day, and i decided to have another final therapy before hitting the office esok. Bought the CD, shirt and hoodie.

P/S: Kasut dah ready, esok kena rajin gi keje! Harap2 dapat bangun awal..hehehe


anifas said...

owh, rajinnyerr !

khairul said...

salam....asyik duk shopping je nie...agak2 kalu nak masuk umah baru nnt,2 kontena cukup kaaa???hehe

adie-ishmael said...

beli...beli...dan beli lagi... mahal-mahal pulak tu...

Jaclyn said...

hi there sorry for being informal but i cant seem to get hold of your email on your blog. would you be interested to do an advertorial for my client? do contact me at

DarcyDiaries said...

Fin: Rajin ke? Hahah...i wish!

Khairul: takde laa...kita tak pakai kontena pun, pakai kereta je...punggah gi punggah gi punggah gi. Bakpo, nok tulong? hehe

adie:Pak syeikh, shopping help to "cure" me..only me and me knows

Jaclyn:advertorial for your client? wow...sounds interesting! what kind of advert?