Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Offs - Love it!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's another long weekend. Earlier, I was supposed to follow my colleague, Gen to PD for short weekend trip, but knowing the place and (long weekend as well), we didn't manage to book a place in PD. Nevermind, at least I have other things to do in KL.

Friday: It's a replacement leave for Thaipusam. That's what our Company practices. (which..i like!) Went for the "compulsory weekly session" (thanks to Nicole "good marketing strategy", abis duit aku!)

I didn't go to gym on Friday evening instead went for a light dinner with Fakh, Mr ID and friend, and later Mr ID's friend joined us, with his friend (tongue twister eh?). We off for another coffee/tea session at mamak and I reached home about 1.30 a.m

On that Friday nite, all of sudden,this guy (refer to the pic below) appeared in my dream. Unbelievable!! (P/S: Jangan pikir bukan2 ya? nak tahu pasai apa, ask me!)

Saturday: I woke up early but later I fell asleep again. Was thinking of doing some reading but due to the fact that I was in the"deep slumber", i ended up resting and woke up for lunch.
Went to the nearby sports shop for another pair of shoes and i realized that things are getting more expensive. shuttlecock costs about RM 3!! Gila mahal!! One OK? not a can of shuttlecocks. And it's not like those Carlton plastic shuttlecock, it's the feather shuttlecock. Skali pukul, ranap, abis!!

And later I went to 7E to buy mineral waters, and I asked for the plastic bag. Being ignorant, I didn't know that Saturday is a no plastic bag day in my area (i think other areas also currently practising this). That cashier told me if i want a plastic bag, I have to pay 20 cents. Whatever...

Went to gym later and i enjoyed it (although not many people, probably those regulars went for holidays due to long weekend).
And now at home, nak buat apa eh?


Sherita Aziz said...

those foods look damn delicious, God, my stomach suddenly grumbling!! ha ha ha!!

good for you to be able to go to gym, me, still too lazy to even fire up my wii to exercise. ha ha!

DarcyDiaries said...

Sher: Thanks for the comment. I'm flattered!
I used to exercise via wii but it's not that fascinating (playing wii alone by myself, sad huh?) Not like u...main Wii ado saing / temey sokmo! :-)

safina said...

kt sini pun 7E dah praktis camtu ! dah berbulan rasanya..