Saturday, January 16, 2010

No Topic. It's just a SUMMARY..

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Sorry for the long silence. I do have topics to be shared with and I think I do have time to update the blog, it's just that...probably I am just lazy! haha..

Let's summarise:

a) Kisah Tanggang Moden
I was quite shocked to know about this news. The guy was definitely "ill-hearted". Sanggup dia tinggal bapak dia kat bus stand with the beg pakaian. And also about the parents who have sued the daughter that they have stayed with before, pasal anak tuh sort of "halau" (literally) them as the daughter "mentioned" that gaji dia tak cukup nak tanggung the parents, with the kids some more. Funny kan? Nauzubillah himinzalik..

b) Speed Dating
I met Ern, my old friend/colleague (we were in the same batch, currently working for the same Company. She's cuter now. But anyway, she did forward me an email on Speed Dating!'s now happening in Malaysia. "Hebat" betul Malaysia skrang (especially KL), it's now similar to those cities in the world, especially NYC and London..hahaha!

But I definitely won't go for this speed dating thingy...gila!

c) Health
Alhamdulillah, my frequent visits to the gym within this week(at least 2 hours per day minimum non stop 7 days) are very worthwhile. I feel good. I feel really really good! hehehe..
But i haven't reached the title of "gym freak"! In addition, i think i am getting particularly careful with my eating. No more rice at night time (although I did feel the urge and temptation to eat rice, oh no!!) Only fruits.. (let's get prettier...hehehe!)

I won't be in the city starting tomorrow evening. Will be outstation - Pahang here I come and it'll be for 4 bloody days - no gym probably? (should ask the hotel though...).

I'll be back on Friday. And 4 days working and then another long weekend (thaipusam and FT day). Gen asked me whether I want to follow him to PD for a short weekend break. It'll be fun (but no gym, again!)

Anyway, have a nice weekend folks. Take care


nonMember said...

selamat ber outstation!

DarcyDiaries said...

NonMember: Once a while, ok laa...
I miss my "session"

anifas said...

pun rasa makin menjadi2 plak diorang berpakat abaikan ibubapa lately..nauzubillah! Hargai lah mereka sementara masih ada di dunia..