Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Direct Je!

Dear beautiful readers,

Nothing much. Cuma tadi i was assisting my staff to handle some training for other branches.
One of the attendees was one of my old acquaintances. Mulut takyah cakap laa..direct ja!
Probably he feels insecure? Hahah..

Selamba je dia tengok tag aku and said..

"Dulu ensem....now? Hahaha..." <-- straight to my forehead!
Aku senyum ja...so?

And I told him...I am getting older now, and that's why..
And he said...u and your ISSUES!...

Aku senyum again, dah tahu perangai dia..

That's what happened in the noon. Later in the evening, I was a bit hesitant of whether to go back early or not. I rarely go back early, but since I became one of the 'gym freaks", i tend to go back "earlier" than usual!

Tapi tadi...I followed my instinct. Left office around 1715 hours.
It was OK at the gym (not as good as usual), probably I didn't really stretch myself as I was rushing for the class.

P/S:Badan aku masih sakit kena "dera" ngan PT, but I still persevere...


Penapenis said...

pt meletss tak? kui kui kui..

DarcyDiaries said...

PP: too cute for me, hahaha!