Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Single and Fabulous - Part Quatro

Dear Beautiful readers,

First impression counts.
but sometimes it such a shame if the first impression is actually not that correct.

That's what happen to the presenters during the session this morning, that i have attended.
Whatever it is, hopefully that won't happen to me InsyaAllah.

I received a parcel from Rin, the small token from Melbourne. It's the tea towel! Thanks!

Time for cardio activities again. Have to leave office earlier than usual. feel awkward, but I have to change. WHo else to love me instead of ME myself? hehehe
Unless i have got something in the evening (sometimes people like to arrange "meetings/discussions" late in the evening, aiyooo!)

3 more days to go, then I won't be in the city. I will be outstation for 4 days (hence, no "gymming" activities *sigh*)

Have a nice day, folks!


anifas said...

ye, tk de org lain yg dpt menggembirakan kita selain dr diri kita !

DarcyDiaries said...

fin: ya betul!