Sunday, January 10, 2010

Single & Fabulous!

Dear Beautiful readers,

What a title! But well, that's what I am currently feeling!

Saturday was good (in a way!) - "therapy" at noon (hope it works, i think!) with Fakh and met again together with Mr ID as we have to "discuss" on something else (Responsibility? Companionship? lingers during that love department. (yeah..yeah, another SATC session

a) Green Apple Kasturi (at Secret Recipe with Fakh)

b) Let's hit Georgetown Kopitiam! (I am getting "fatter" if i keep eating)

Later I met E (my ex colleague) for a late supper as he wanted to pass me some "ole-ole" from Down Under (yes...these folks went to Australia for a week, during last Xmas, tak aci!). I can see that tanned face of yours! hahaha. (and yes, another late night SATC session with E, but I guess it would be much better if G is around)
c) Makan again (at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa) and followed by lovely fruits at home. Cantekk!

d) A pretty boomerang from G&E (it's nice of u guys, thanks!) P/S: I can use this to throw at any "heartbreakers" out there!

And guess what? I have registered as a gym member! (heheh..let's hit the gym, i am sure i'll love it...) Today (later...i mean) i'll hit the first class - body pump, cardio, aerobic, yoga,dance, u name it!!

Hope that my Sunday will be beautiful as usual.


addyaholix said...

pasang badan nampak ;p

DarcyDiaries said...

Addy: Tahun baru,kena laa...
lagipun orang tak pandang kita skrang...hahahah!

k.A said...

nampak sedap lak makanan2 tu.

DarcyDiaries said...

K.A: heheheh...memang sedap, tapi kena jaga makan laa