Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sabar again..

Dear Beautiful Readers,

Pagi tadi, aku still rasa don't feel like going to work.
Ntah kenapa..

But due to the fact that I have to attend a discussion/meeting with a counterpart from Australia, then aku gagahkan jugak pegi.

It's tough though..

At noon, my boss asked me to follow her for lunch.
Aku dah agak dah..

Well..an hour after that, aku rasa a bit lega, although I still have to carry the burden.

Yes, I have to take the challenge and have to try my very best to face all this (although it's very hard to swallow)

Aku berserah lagi pada-Nya. This is such a big test for me.

Petang tadi before balik, Shaz (colleague aku), datang tegur aku and showed his concern. Another relief for me.

But what else should i do? It's tough to tackle this ONE!

Aku hanya mampu berdoa, and do my best...

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