Monday, June 8, 2009

Alone VS Not Alone

Dear Beautiful readers,

I wish that I was on leave today to entertain my sis and her family.

But I couldn't.

I even received phone calls from my boss in the morning, asking for something (at that time I was already in my office). And that's why I couldn't take leave today. The deadlines are a bit tight this time...:-(

I feel a bit guilty though. But they are ok, they r going somewhere else anyway.

And when I reached home, i felt the pinch of loneliness. Hahaha (tu laa...masa budak2 nih ada, i anak buahs, aku serabut - after a few hours, then masa diaorg takde...u wish they are here with u!). My house looks slightly cleaner (probably those anak daras dah kemas siap2 takut pakcik dia marah! hahaha) a call from my brother. They are coming here too this weekend. Another guests?


Pena Anak Penis said...

hey there.. bila nak meet up? really looking 4ward to watch tat kalong sorban. kalo u ada simpan lagi la that movie..

DarcyDiaries said...


It's ur call laa dear.I still have that DVD and already informed my friend that u wanted to borrow it.

It's ur call ;-)

Pena Anak Penis said...

babe, how about tomoro night at 9 pm? Dagang would be a nice place to meet up (i mengidam nak makan italian food kat tomotoes lagipun...)hehehe

DarcyDiaries said...


Pena: OK je...tapi sometimes timing i balik nih pelik skit. Lewat2 skit ok ke?
How to contact?

Pena Anak Penis said...

ermmm.. im so sory.. hari ini ada hal yg tak dpt dielakkan.. memandangkan kita tak ada contact no. kita plan lain kali k.. so sory..

Pena Anak Penis said...

babe, do email me at so that i can give you my contact number