Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank God

Dear Beautiful readers,

I couldn't focus at work in the first part of the morning.

And I don't know why. I feel agitated. I didn't know where to start first.

But I managed to give clear explanation on to the other party from other unit who needs my clarification.

It's an achievement though, for me at least!

After lunch time, i accidentally attended a sharing session organized by my fellow colleague. In that session, was my "old flame" (sort of..) who gave the presentation. Unfortunately, i couldn't be long as I have to attend another meeting.

Then later after that, I sent email to him saying that I wish that I can catch up with him..
Hahaha..meroyan ke apa aku nih? Long story though...aku je yang perasan kut?

Anyway...sure dah bosan kan baca citer aku? Asyik berangan je..

Petang tadi, while having a review with my boss, I told her about the "dilemma" that I am having currently with the staff. She agreed with me but again...stay put and I have to learn to manage. I really appreciate her feedbacks.Thanks H!

Left office after Maghrib. Had dinner with Shue, and again..we discussed about the same thing. I was totally agreed and appreciate her time. Yes...we're in the same boat and we have to draw the line.
We did talk about family, sometimes..kita nih, time2 sedih ke...apa ke..baru la ingat nak call family.
Kalau heartbroken nak rak, bleh plak takleh tido ingat kat org yg tinggalkan kita tuh..

Whatever it is...don't take family for granted :-)

P/S: On the way driving back terus aku call mak..hehe


Pena Anak Penis said...

u make me wanna kol my mum too!!

DarcyDiaries said...

ya betul...
kita nih, time2 sedih laa baru ingat mak, ayah...

time mak, ayah takde..baru nyesal.