Monday, June 29, 2009

Migrate or Not?

Dear Beautiful readers,

Pursuant to my dilemma as "reported" earlier in previous posts, one of the actions taken is whether to migrate or not (gila kan?)

I always have this dream of having the opportunity to work overseas.

Yeah, it's proven that some of my friends/colleagues/acquaintances have this golden opportunity at their hands.

Probably they r luckier than me.

Or probably i have to be patient and bersyukur..

Anyway, back to the issue, i was invited for an appointment with a representative of a Company who's in charge of handling professional migrants to Australia. It sounds good to me..but well, it's not that easy and i really have to think that wisely.

P/S: Thanks to "Abe" who is willing to share and give some advice to me late this evening at work.I really appreciate that. Nati duik consultancy awok tuh kito kao tim denge bendo lain deh? :-) (Korang paham tak aku cakap apa?)

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