Saturday, February 13, 2010

DVD, Movie and Long Breaks!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's another long weekend, i should have gone back to KB but got something to be settled (mainly regarding the house).

But it's still long way to go, so i have decided to spend my Saturday at home watching DVDs and chill (although later this evening all of sudden Fen invited me to join him for a movie - V Day)

First movie - Laskar Pelangi.

Although it was a bit outdated (for some of the movie goers), but this was my first time watching this movie. Love it love it love it! And there are quite a number of moral values that can be incorporated in our life, taking the lesson learnt from this movie.

And of course, it's all because of the two casts - Tora Sudiro and Cut Mini (especially those who have seen Arisan!)

Now, let's watch Pisau Cukur!

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