Monday, February 8, 2010

Sleepy Monday

Dear Beautiful readers,

The days are getting better, although I think today's kinda not so productive. A bit sleepy during the first half, although have to prepare for the 10 o' clock meeting. I was quite surprise that this particular GM that I was seeing was so damn nice and gentle, not as i expected from the way she behaves and portrays herself to the rest.

I think I can work and cooperate with her. And thank God, my boss was kind of in good mood too, alhamdulillah!

I met ER last nite for late dinner. Haven't met him for so long, due to my "busy schedule" (thanks to my "ritual" at work and followed by the gym activities). His Indonesian friend has bought me that Laskar Pelangi DVD (I was looking for this DVD for ages but recently found one in one of the local shop, too late since ER has already asked his friend to buy one for me).

ER did mention to me about his encounter at UNITEN during the recent Careers' Fair. And guess what? He realized that there's a poster in one of the toilets in UNITEN (probably all).
It's kinda funny. We can't piss in peace beside each other (i always use the cubicle, it's more decent, ha ha ha! see the pic below.

I left early for gym, and met Fakh for a quick bite for crepes (apam balik bak kata oghe Kelate...)
And of course, another stimulating conversation (coupled with jokes, of course!) with him. I like!!...makes my brain working, always...
And you see the pic below? "Overstressed and Undersexed". Love the caption! ha ha ha!


Sherita Aziz said...

LOL at the sign, it's just simply means : NO PEEPING YOU SICK PERVERT!!!


DarcyDiaries said...

Sher: Totally agree. Cool huh?