Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

I slept quite early last nite (yes...early for a Saturday nite!) at 11.30 p.m. Sad huh? hehe

Mr ID called me at 12 midnight (he and his other half at Kg. Baru) telling me about the house thingy, our renovation plans etc. And yes, it costs money as well (adoi...thinking about money makes me want to faint!) I am getting my keys after CNY,!

And later Fakh called, so we went out for late supper a la SATC again. Yes, you know the topic that we'll always talk about. And i m kinda love it..

It's very stimulating, things that u have never think properly before. Now this make me feel to write like Carrie. ha ha ha!

Our topic range from:-

a) Anwar's sodomy case, the not-so-"clever" Saiful, politics in Malaysia in general.

b)"having relationship just for the sake of having relationship?"

c) Deep secret / sharing of problems - will u share more of this with your other half or your best friends?

d) Should you give your set of keys to your "bestest" friends?

e) Perfectionism? Surreal, fantasy or lame reality?

and lots more.

Anyway, I saw Shah all of sudden in McD, and I can see, he was quite shocked. But nevermind, he's looking for a place to sit, with his friend probably. I only waved to him..

I left for home around 1.30 a.m. and the night is still wonderful (for the happening bunch) and I went home hitting the bed again.


Sherita Aziz said...

humm, i slept alone and early last night, don't have the luxury to go out with friends because, there's nothing here, and i have no friends here. he he he.

DarcyDiaries said...

Sher: Nati laa sayo balik KB, u have to teach me! :-)P/S:As if i have many friends here..i am not that happening bunch :-)

Eddie said...

that anwar-saiful-sodomy thingy is soooo lame. lawak la. hehe
dh nk dpt kunci rumah baru ek. syokny ;)

DarcyDiaries said...

Eddie: yes,I'll get the keys soon! But worried...

adie-ishmael said...

selamat masuk umah baru...

Eddie said...

worried dat da renovation do not meet ur expectation is it?
dun worry la bro, everything will be fine ;)

DarcyDiaries said...

Adie: Pak Syeikh, thanks. Tolong baca doa umah baru cheq boleh? hehehe

Eddie:Not because of the expectation, but more about the money. Redah je laa kan? hehehe