Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beauty is Pain!

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's been a week. Not really a busy week, but probably I was quite occupied with the normal routine at work and also the after work activities (but didn't go to gym for 2 days, ha ha ha!)

Let me summarise, it's much more easier to digest by our wonderful readers out there eh?

a) Had a meeting with my GM, and she said " where did u go? u look different!" ha ha ha!
And i laughed, and she laughed! At least, she laughed!

b) Had lunch with AS @ Secret Recipe. He has moved back to KL but seems like he has to face another challenges at his new workplace. Don't worry dear..

c) My free Starbucks mug dah pecah! Damn! adoi! Due to some carelessness!
Can i get a new one (for free)?

d) Although I want to stay fitter (not saying that I'm not fit now! heheh), but last night I was kind of craving for maggi goreng at mamak and another extra plate of Roti Boom, oh no!

e) Last but not least, while waiting my "session"this morning, I was kind of fascinated with this particular article by the cute Ali Imran K of August magazine, but didn't manage to read all.
Nak kena sambung baca nih! He he he !

P/S: What's with the title then? beautify ourselves, we have to "suffer" or face the pain! No pain, no gain! Ouch!


The Anonymously Infamous! said...

Hahaha, i love the food craving part. I am experiencing the same thing right now. he he he.

DarcyDiaries said...

T.A.I: yay! I have the privilege to follow ur blog! Makan jah apa2 pun...tak kisah kan?