Monday, February 1, 2010


Dear Beautiful readers,

While talking to my friend, Dean via YM this afternoon, I realized something.
it's about today's date. Thanks to Dean's message status.

Don't u guys realize it's the mirror image? 1 February 2010 or 01022010. Cool huh?

We can manipulate numbers.
We can do that to our life as well.
it's our decision. Shall we manipulate our life?

Think about it!

Had lunch with Fakh at Wong Solo, I guess i am pretty lucky (in some way or rather). Things are quite confusing sometimes (refer to my previous entry on M.A.C).
Life is about decision making.



safina said...

a'ah, baru perasan date tuh! sangat cool! tp tk de peristiwa penting plak...

Eddie said...

aah bru perasan gak..
cool huh ;)

Sherita Aziz said...

oMG!!! i just realised about that date!! cool !!!

DarcyDiaries said...

Fin / Eddie / Sher: Cool but scary :-)