Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Say You?

Dear Beautiful Readers,

This particular posting might not be that "hot from the oven" as it was already been the talking points for most people since Friday night. But whatever it is, I would like to jot down my own opinion on this particular issue.

For the past few years, this thing has become my "bread and butter" as my boss would ask me to arrange a session - i.e. "let's-sit-in front of-the TV" kinda thing and watch the budget commentary. And of course, I was the one who had to do the summary report, right after the PM (at that point of time) finished the speech, sent the summary to my ex-boss and other bosses (although it did look useless as for sure the next day news would do the full coverage, but I took it as a learning step --> chewah!)

Enough on that..what do you think about this year's budget?
1) Income Tax - Reduction from 27% to 26% for income above RM 100,000 (Ermm...i don't it covers the majority of Malaysians as "not many" Malaysians earn more than RM 100k per year! Including me!)
2) Tax Incentive @ Iskandar Malaysia (Errr...shall we go and find job there then? :-))
3) Tax relief for broadband subscription of up to RM 500 (Not bad eh..kena simpan receipt betul2 nih!)
4) RM 1 billion - enhance the efficiency of police force. (Err...hopefully there will be improvement!)
5) 1st class students' National Higher Education Corporation loans will get their loan converted into scholarships (ermm..this should have been done earlier ago. Many major corporations who sponsored students had done this conversion thingy since 10 years back, if i may recall during my yesteryears!)
6) Personal relief - increased from RM 8k to RM9k (I don't think it's still sufficient, but better than nothing!)
7) EPF & Insurance relief - from RM 6k to RM 7k (also not enough...ermm, but again, better than nothing!)
To name a few..
But overall, I guess the Government has done their best (and the people in EPU as well..)
Let's see...what's the impact like eh?


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