Saturday, October 17, 2009

Telek Tangan..

Dear Beautiful readers,

It's a long weekend this week and I am pretty sure that most of us have their own plans and activities. As of now, I've got nothing much to do and probably will attend to the open houses events that I have been invited to, which are most of them are my colleagues.

Last Thursday, after work, I went out with my ex-colleague, M. Cut it short, she's good at all this "telek", fortune telling and whatsoever. I wasn't sure where did she learn all this, I tend to agree some of her responses or "telekan", but yet all these are coming from Allah. Kalau setakat nak suka2 tuh, boleh laa kut..

But it does make sense sometimes, which have made me confuse...

And she started to "telek" my palm, and the outcome were as follows:

a) She said that I'll "kahwin lambat" and a loyal partner (married once only kut? haha) but eventually will have a one affair (what kind of affair?)

b) She said that I'll like to hug pillows (bantal kecik ke...bolsters ke..any kind of bantal), shows that I am the affectionate type! Grrrrrrrrrr!!

c) Career line? Hmm..a steady career, cuma in the middle of the "line" looks like there's an end. A quit? An unpaid leave? Own Business? i don't know..

d) A healthy lifestyle (insyaAllah, takde sakit teruk2)

e) Sometimes having a stressful life... (i hate this..)

f) Someone who is industrious and hardworking (betul ke? kut!)

g) Wisdom line? Yes...independent and can make my own decision ( far so good, dah tua kan..mestilaa independent!)

That's all I can recall, but I guess she's coming back to me for another unreveal information. Hahaha!


Anonymous said...

quote "But it does make sense sometimes, which have made me confuse..."

see !! see !! dah mula nak mengIYAkan telekan tu kan?? walaupun tadi memula kata utk suka2 ja .. tu sebab DIA kata haram tu bang .. sebab DIA tahu kelemahan kita .. mudah ja dibolakbalikkan hati kita ni ..

DarcyDiaries said...

Anon: Hi...thanks for dropping by nd wonderful comment indeed. Love it!
Saya masih waras laa... ;-)

AiLing said...

sebab dah ngaku confuse tu yg i ingatkan tu .. anyway syukur u masih warassss ..

safina said...

ya, untuk suka2 tu bleh, penah jugak dulu one of my chinese fren tilik tapak tangan, dia kata umur sy tk panjang, hmm..susah hati le jugak ! percaya, tp makin baiki diri lah rasanya..

DarcyDiaries said...

AiLing: awak rupanya "anon" nih...thanks
Fina: Suka2 boleh laa kut..