Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dear Beautiful Readers,

Saturday nite. At home again.

And it's TV time (eh...i am not a couch potato ok? Heheh)

Flipping thru' the channels, yes, it's the Sehati Berdansa Season 3.'s too early to judge but it does look like the participants are more "hip" as compared to those in previous seasons (not saying that those participants in previous seasons are not hip enough, but the first impressions count!)

My vote? Hmm...i like Sazzy & Naz and Didie & Isham. Dira? Heheh...I only like her style, she's hip!. The rest...i would like to reserve my comments. Sein? Of course, from my first impression, he'll the best male dancer (as compared to the rest).

Isma & Zul? (Ermm...thanks to sms kut? NO offence to their fans...but...ermm...i shall rather not say it here! haha)

Enot? Yeah...u go girl!

The rest i think...well, this show is similar to popularity contest (well in Malaysia lah!). So u know what I am going to say kan? hehehe

But i'm not the judge let the people decide..:-)

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joey said...

the shows is kinda similar like one in the US that is 'Dancing with The Star'

Although a bit different (sikit jer), but It's quite the same don't you think??

It's come to full cycle I think..I think after SB3 will be AF8.. hahaha..perhaps?