Sunday, October 18, 2009


"You can dance, you can jive,
Having the time of your life..
See that girl, watch that scene,
dig in the dancing queen..."

Dear Beautiful readers,

Yesterday evening, i did something "crazy" (i have done it before but haven't got a chance to do that again..). But well..before that,'s the raya gathering / open houses again of my colleagues.
Selagi raya tak abis, selagi tuh laa ada open house..

But I am not complaining..

And right after that, me with my ex-colleagues - Rin, SAO, E & G, it's the karaoke time again!
Dah lama dah tak buat benda2 nih...or probably I just wanted to let go something "in my mind" currently. I didn't want to question that "person", I have no rights whatsoever though...but that person CHANGED a lot!

ANyway....arrived home at the wee hours, 2 o'clock. I had so much fun! ;-)

P/S; Lalalalalalalalaalalalallalallalalalalaal....."selamat ulang tahun sayang, lalalalal" Please don't stop the music!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the song dedication..


DarcyDiaries said...

Nanti saya nyanyi lagi eh?

AiLing said...

abihlah ImranAjmain susah mau cari makan lepas ni ...

sesekali ok .. kalau selalu2 sangat duk balik pagi pi karaoke nanti hati jadi golap! hehehehe

safina said...

tk penah umur jejak karaoke salah happy kan diri sendiri kan ? kalau bukan kita, sapa lagi nk happy kan kita kan ? tau lah apa plak yg bleh happy kan sy..

DarcyDiaries said...

AiLing: tak slalu laa gi karaoke :(
Fina: tak penting pun Fin karaoke nih, sajo jah (bak kata oghe kelate!)

Reez said...

cam sonok jer... happy ler tu...

DarcyDiaries said...

Reez: Tak seronok pun actually..saja buat2 seronok (ada laa sebab tuh!)